The Renewables Academy RENAC

During my time with RENAC I developed a profound understanding of working in the communications. Directly supervised by a Head of PR and Marketing I had a chance to get into one of the most promising industries that works towards sustainable development such as renewable energy.

I was with the company during its biggest communications-related projects – relaunch of a company’s website – that involved number of complex tasks for my manager and interesting assignments for me.

On a technical side, the old website was completely re-designed and hence migrated from TYPO3 4.7.20 to TYPO3 7.6. I hence ensured the website’s consistency, both texts and visuals. Besides, I contributed to discussions on how new pages should look like – from positioning and structuring whitespace to re-writing the content – as senior colleagues were always very responsive and open for fresh suggestions. You can check a new company’s website here.

Besides working extensively with the website I dealt with social media and its statistics. Access to LinkedIn Analytics and PIWIK tool enabled me to see a real effect social media has on a company’s growth such as affecting visitor’s flow from month to month, manipulating particular products’ popularity, etc.

Through collecting press clippings – online and offline brand’s mentions – and testimonials I learnt how a brand’s reputation is significantly dependent on media and clients. Additionally, I provided a market research, kept an eye on competitors’ services, updated various websites and platforms on RENAC’s upcoming seminars and trainings.

My responsibilities also included working with internal documentation on Intranet – a private network only accessible to the organization’s staff – and RENAC’s Press Office, drafting and updating contractual agreements and proposals, creating bulk letters.

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