China Outbound Tourism Research Institute COTRI

During my time with COTRI firstly as a communications assistant and later as a project manager I got insights into functioning of a small-sized international company.

As a communications assistant I was responsible for preparing and publishing the social media content (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and curating the news content on Chinese outbound tourism in a weekly online newspaper edition Besides, I maintained public and media relations that included assisting with press releases, notification letters, etc.

Additionally, I was involved into the ‘Outbound China’ project. Delivered as four exclusive webinars per year, the series is a product of both COTRI and ForwardKeys, a travel business intelligence company based in Spain. My tasks mainly included ensuring communication between two project organisers. Through making Skype calls, preparing minutes, and leading email correspondence I kept everyone in the loop on the project progress. Besides, I was responsible for delivering visual representation of data on a COTRI side. You can find a final presentation here.

Along with these tasks I was assigned to introduce a concept of project management within the Institute. It included setting up a new software and dealing with its troubleshooting, training the staff (including full-time employees and interns) and providing ongoing support for them. To do this, I developed a series of learning webinars that could be kept and later used by new employees. As a result a team of nine employees has received training on a Zoho project management tool. You can check one of the working samples below.

However, due to different visions and the fact that a tool can replace such an operational unit as a project manager, our cooperation was terminated after six months.

© 2018 Elena Bubeeva, All Rights Reserved

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