What’s up, Armenia?

Rich in mountains and hiking trails Armenia is a real treasure for adventure and eco-tourists.

About 12% of the country’s territory belongs to protected environmental zones including 4 national parks, 3 reserves, and 27 wildlife reserves.

Armenia is also a home to the ambitious project of the Transcaucasian Trail. The project primarily focuses on connecting all the Nature Parks in the Caucasus by building a 3, 000 km long hiking trail. Ultimately, Armenia strives for becoming a world-class trekking destination.

The video features several cultural and natural landmarks that are certainly to be checked out on your journey to this distinguished Post-Soviet country, in particular the temple of Garni, UNESCO-protected Geghard monastery, Khorsov Forest State Reserve, and Havuts Tar Monastery.



© 2018 Elena Bubeeva, All Rights Reserved. Music © 2018 Nilly Nell, Creative Commons

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