Camping in Denmark: great spots for outdoor breaks

Scandinavia is known for its high-priced lifestyle but also for a multitude of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. True wilderness, viking adventures, foraging for wild berries and mushrooms is all worth of going the whole way up to the North.


But if Sweden and Norway are 10 times bigger than Denmark, you can cross the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen in one day. A country almost as tiny as the Netherlands has though enough of spectacular scenery to get lost in. From bushy forests to endless lakes, sandy dunes to rolling hills this magnificent kingdom can offer you unique nature up-close. To do so, Denmark provides its visitors with hundreds of various campsites, from self-standing, primitive to more advanced ones with the fully-developed infrastructure.

Here are some of outstanding spots to enjoy if you travel with your own tent and seek for a complete seclusion and authentic nature experiences.

Røsnæsvej in Kalundborg

On the northwestern foreshore of the largest Danish island, Zealand the meadows of the Kalundborg slip right down to the sea. Stop by at the Røsnæs peninsula and pitch on the water’s edge at the island’s most north-westerly campsite, with a shingle beach on one side and grand thick forest on the other.

This is a wild camping spot with 3 primitive shelters, a wooden toilet few meters away and some space to make a campfire. As the spot is located at the territory of the protected nature and wildlife area Røsnæs Naturskole, no cars allowed. The water tap is located at the reserve’s entrance gate, approximately 200 m away from the camping spot.


At ten-kilometer wide, it’s a popular tourist attraction Røsnæs Fyr. Extend your stroll to this spectacular lighthouse and enjoy the scenic views over the entire peninsula.


Helvigstruphus in Hvalsø

On the very same Zealand island opposite to Kalundborg lies the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Yet, in between those two locations like a treasure hunt hides Hvalsø. Densed with small rustic huts, this small former municipality boasts with numerous camping options. One is the camping spot at Helvigstruphus forest.

Despite its off-the-beaten-track location and the shelter of sprawling trees in all four winds, a local setting offers an open view from the camping spot’s top down to a vast marshy tract of land. A two-hundred-year old tree next to it invites for courageous bungee jumping. Although the place lacks of the water tap, it has a covered campfire and a picknick area with a table and benches for rainy days.


Ræhr in Thy

Ræhr in Thy isn’t known for its coastline, but within the boundaries of the nature reserve, this camper- and tent-only site occupies a superb spot next to the artificially re-created fishing lake. Opened in 2003, the campsite is fairly simple, yet well-organised.


Offered facilities include two toilets, a shower and a small kitchen, plus an automat with worms and fishing tackle. There are several water taps both outside and inside.

Kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer picturesque views of the lake and wooden docks, with Wi-Fi, four powerful hot plates, and a microwave. Unfortunately no cutlery.

Take a promenade around the lake or watch a sunset from your tent. For a longer walk, head to Hanstholm, a small town only 5 km away. The campsite’s info point offers a number of brochures with things to do around this area, from bird-watching to visiting an exhibition.

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