Travel Wise: did you already reconsider your traveling?

And it’s this time of the year again. Within my annual leave I am planning to carry my regular trip from Germany to Siberia. Realising that the overall time spent in the air, on land, and above the water surface can reach almost 24 hours makes me really sick, not mentioning the amount of energy and emissions wasted.

To make myself feel less guilty, I rethought my route as a real rocket science. Although the distance of 7,700 km will be primarily covered by airplane, my route will also include the journey by bike, bus, and train.

I hope to feel as inspired and emotional as the guys from the brilliant travel awareness campaign TravelWise run by the government of Utah. “The initiative that invites individuals, businesses and communities to rethink their trip by driving less and driving smarter that can ultimately help to improve air quality, optimize mobility and conserve energy”.

Have a look!


1. By bike



2. By bus



3. By train 


Now you can give a thought to the way you move around, too. Meanwhile share what other alternatives come into your mind when you think of sustainable travel. Comment below.

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