Trolltunga hike: your comprehensive guide to Norway

Not for nothing Norwegians are ranked among the happiest people on earth. Its their ability to forge a deep connection with nature that helps them to cut the noise, and feel something real. Not to mention, breathtaking scenery that fits perfectly for getting lost on foot, two wheels or boat. One of such wild hideaways is a legendary hike to the rock ledge of the Troll’s Tongue or Trolltunga, as it’s known in Norwegian. Get your comprehensive guide to Norway and complete a hike of a lifetime.




What is Trolltunga?

Trolltunga itself presents a rock formation that overlooks a stunning Ringedal lake in the Norwegian Hardangerfjord region. An unusual shape in a form of Troll’s Tongue made this place a true touristic gem – no one goes away until they take a snap at this crazy height. More than 80 000 people annually visit this place that ultimately makes it one of the most popular hikes in the north.



Facts about the hike_infographics


How to get there and where to stay?

The stunning scenery and a desire to make a legendary phot op attracts here thousands of people from around the globe. Whilst hiking you get to hear folks going into the rant in German or Russian, Chineese or Swedish. Since all of them wish to stay as close to the starting point as possible, manage your bookings in advance. The majority of travelers come from Bergen – it has an international airport – and later take a combined bus-ferry journey towards Odda. Such availability of means of transportation makes this notoriously expensive country much more accessible.




Once in Odda – a municipality located in the southeast of Hordaland county – travelers can decide for all types of private accommodation that varies from fancy apartments to budget camping spots. In terms of food, you can either opt for B&B or go to the local grocery store Spar. To do Norway cheaply, stay away from the alcohol and meat, two most costly items.




You can also choose to stay either at Tyssedal or Skjeggedal, camping areas with available parking spots that are designated as P1 and P2 respectively. Both locations are closer to Trolltunga, provide shuttle services and offer plenty of guesthouses. However, if you go to Skjeggedal – an actual main trailhead – you “risk” to see a stunningly beautiful lake nearby and big crowds of cool internationals around to hang out with.


If you long for some comfort …

A Trolltunga Basement Camp offered through Airbnb here would be a good choice for anynone seeking for comfort whilst saving some energy for the strenuous challenging hike ahead. It might be a bit pricey – be ready to pay 1.193, 50 NOK (around 120 EUR) for 2 nights – but therefore you get a prime location and some great basic amenities such as fresh bed linen, towels, and shower. Although there is no kettle or cooker, you can cook outside with your own portable gas stove. In return you get breathtaking views of the Norwegian sunset and of some relaxed travelers traipsing around afar.




The biggest advantage of this accommodation is its short distance to the trail’s starting point, about 5 minutes to the first signpost. Whilst others only arrive to Skjeggedal, you would be able to start your journey early on and enjoy uncrowded paths leading you to the famous Trolltunga cliff.


Hiking travel information

Due to the large amount of travelers on the trail, the possibility to get lost or take a wrong track is minimized. The paths are well-maintained, the trail’s signage is concise and clear, in case of emergencies there are rescue teams based in Skjeggedal ready to arrive any minute. Not only you can admire the picturesque hills on the way but also numerous lakes and traditional Norwegian houses spread off in the distance.




Since there are no shops or food stations on the way, make sure to bring along some light-weight snacks and water. Neither there are toilets or drinking fountains. To find out what else can be of help during your adventure trip, use this hiking checklist.




Along with that make sure to put yourself in a good mood and enjoy this truly stunning natural wonder. Comment below if you already happened to experience Trolltunga? What was your most memorable moment? Did you manage to make a famous jumping picture? Please share.



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