As a responsible citizen of the Planet Earth, I try to have a balanced life. In its all diverse spheres I try to apply principles of economy, rational use, and smart choice. Outer as well as inner sustainability matters to me. I believe you can only improve your wellbeing, if you practice balance in all your deeds.

Not being too strict to yourself. Not overeating. Not being a consumption freak. Not overusing water. Not being too extreme to your environment. Not overwhelming tourist destinations with your presence. After small steps come big changes.

I apply this thinking in my pleasures, too. When I travel, I try to behave reasonable. It’s difficult to cut on your carbon footprint if you have to go from Europe to the States, but there are still ways to do less harm to your surrounding such as getting around the local area by bike or foot or staying at locally-owned guesthouses instead of big commercial hotels. One can also support regional economy by purchasing merchandise from local craftsmen and artisans when gift shopping or doing groceries at the small authentic markets.

Hence, in my blog I collect interesting initiatives around eco-travel, sustainable tourism and development world-wide. In addition, I share my own travel experiences around Europe in forms of travel stories and videos.

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