About me

Hi again,

It’s me Elena.

I see you’re still around reading my site?

What keeps you on?

Most probably, a word.

It’s as simple as that.

I often see a word as the most powerful force available to a human being.

A word brought me so far away from where I was born. 

A word made me want to explore more.

Eventually it’s also a word that set me up with right people but also walked some of them away from me. 

True power.

Already back in school I could spend hours fancying literature and languages. This ultimately led to a major in English and Cultural Studies, that granted me a possibility to speak clearly, interact with internationals and understand their messages.

Though I had a strong ardor for painting, too. If I wouldn’t realize the world has already seen one Michelangelo before, my keen sense of aesthetics most probably would develop into a full-time designer career.

Meanwhile, affinity for foreign cultures led to a Master’s programme in Germany. I later earned a degree in World Heritage Studies, concentrating on cultural tourism and marketing. Not only this programme developed my holistic way of thinking but also introduced to different working cultures from the US to Croatia, Tunisia to Japan.

Besides, being a member of the environmental NGO Great Baikal Trail and a keen eco-traveler – check my blog – I also make more people aware of ecological and volunteer tourism. It’s meaningful, healthy, and adventurous, so why not to join? 

In my spare time I enjoy biking around the city, hiking, and reading.

What can I do for you?

Fluent in three languages (Russian, English, and German), I mainly work as a web translator, editor, and content writer.

Projects done before include localization, copywriting, editing, content and website management (WordPress, Symphony, TYPO3), image and picture sourcing, production of communication pieces such as flyers, presentations, and newsletters.

To help you set your online activities successfully, I use several programmes such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Canva, iMovie und Camtasia.

Just message me if you want to see more of my works. Due to privacy policy, some things are not published online.

Let’s get in touch if you’re in need of accurate, engaging, and authentic content.

“I hired Elena as a local writer to produce unique stories on Siberia, which she conducted exclusively remotely and in English. Elena is a creative copywriter who easily identifies topics of interest and presents them in a new, undiscovered way. Great content curator!”

Ljiljana Krejic, Chief Content Officer at itinari

“I and my colleagues were happy to work with Elena on the German version of our website. That was a great job. Elena has translated all the texts for users’ interfaces (tons of texts sometimes without any context!) and has covered all cases. She checked the results in the interface after and wrote to us every time if any translations were not appropriate in some cases. I’d like to emphasize the high level of professionalism and competence that she has shown. We will definitely work with Elena again. I’m looking forward to our next cooperation.”

Irina Matsanova, Head of Content at S7 Airlines